How do we recommend a suitable cryogenic plant proposal to our customer?

How do we recommend a suitable cryogenic plant to our customer?

Cryogenic Plant

The basic principle of cryogenic plant is to use the different boiling points of the components of liquefied air to separate them. To this end, the air separation unit(plant) consists of the following process:

  1. Filtration & compression
  2. Purification
  3. Cooling air to Liquefaction temperature
  4. Refrigeration
  5. Liquefaction
  6. Rectification
  7. Hazardous substance removal

We,Hangzhou Chuankong General Equipment Company Limited, mainly fabricate and manufacture middle-large sized air separation plant. This plant extracts pure oxygen and nitrogen from air by the cryogenic and rectifying technique and low pressure flow process. The feed air is first liquefied by the refrigeration,  and then rectified for two times on the basis of the different boling points between liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. Therefore, purity of 99.6% O2 and 99.99% N2 or above can be gained. If the user changes the operation as per need, parts of LO2,LN2 and medical used 02 can be gained too.


Cryogenic Plant

Cryogenic Plant Proposals

Before our engineer make proposals , we will ask our clients for below specifications:

  1. Outputs/products(liquid or gases)
  2. Purity & pressure of products
  3. Ambient conditions such as ambient temperature, ambient pressure, altitude, humidity etc.
  4. Power supply: voltage, frequency, phase etc.
  5. Application of output products(for chemical use, for liquid selling, for steel company etc?)

And when we recommend the most suitable proposals, we would provide an optimized plan based on the previous experience. This plan will take both equipment costs & operation costs(electric consumption) into consideration. What we will do is: Compare two proposals, and choose the proposal whose difference value of commercial offer and five year’s operation costs is the smallest.  For example, if the equipment cost for plan A is USD6 millions, and USD5 millions for plan B. But the operation costs for plan B increases USD0.3 million per year. Then, the actual operation different costs for plan B shall be 500+5*30=USD6.5million.

Therefore, under this situation, even though the equipment cost of Plan B is of 20% cheaper than plan B,  but after considering the operation costs, the composite cost for plan B is 8.3% lower than that of plan A.

In a conclusion, when we are making proposals, we will try to choose the most suitable ones for our clients. Unless, the choice for two plans are at critical points, we will recommend two plans for client’s own choice.

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