Dry Ice Blasting Machines

Dry Ice Blasting Machines

Generally speaking, dry-ice blasting  includes  pellets/snow at extremely high speeds(~150m/s). And, the dry-ice are quite soft and much less dense than other media used in blast-cleaning(i.e.sand or plastic pellets).

About impact, the pellet sublimates almost immediately transferring minimal energy to the surface on impact and producing minimal abrasion.

Dry Ice Blasting Machines

Dry Ice Blasting Machines

However, there are three powerful energy transfers modes. These modes could ensure the efficiency of dry ice blasting. The three modes  are as below:

  1. Heat energy transfer
  2. dynamic energy transfer
  3. Sublimation energy transfer

And, the application of dry ice blasting machines are so wide and popular.  For example, they are used in cleaning carbon deposit, rubber,residue, painting, grease, resin,glue,scale, rust, bitumen,graffiti and other more.

What’s more, the effect and efficiency of dry ice blasting is mainly depend on below three aspects:

  1. Thermal difference
  2. Pressure & flow-rate
  3. the storage time of dry ice

For your reference, we sold our dry ice blasting machines to different big companies such as SINOPEC, AVIC, TOYOTA, FORD, FOTON, BOSCH, FESTO,SIEMENS, BYD, BENZ etc.

In a word, if you are in need of such a product, kindly tell us your requirements. It’s better if you could tell us the capacity and applications.

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