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Dry ice maker

How to keep fish fresh with dry ice?

When we talk about dry ice maker, maybe we can start from fish. Fish is easy to deteriorate, especially in tropical zones. However, we can handle this problem, and keep fish fresh the max. For example, people could decrease fish body temperature with a cooling medium. It attracts or moves heat from inside fish body to other materials. Therefore, fish body temperature will get lower.

Application of low temperatures slows down biochemical processes that lead to deterioration. Therefore, the principle of the cooling and freezing is to reduce or inactivate enzymes and bacterial decay within the fish body. Handling fish using low temperature requires heat transfer media or better known as the refrigerant.

Dry Ice Maker

Freezing process

Dry ice is commonly used by adding to ice-cooling media so that the ability to absorb fish heat is greater than only ice media. The speed of the temperature drop is faster because of the large heat absorption caused by the low point of sublimation temperature of dry ice, which is about -78.5oC. According to Ilyas (1983), cold chain is an effort to keep fish quality fresh by using low temperature (0 ° C or some degree of celsius above 0 ° C) during handling activity to the consumer’s hand.

Why not using ice for freezing?

Use of large ice can cause physical damage to fish. Ice grains that are too small will cause the ice grains to quickly melt and also stem the flow of water down so that there is a pool of water between layers of fish. The use of defrosted ice will be better than the shrimp because it will get the size of different ice grains and is advised not to destroy the ice blocks on the pile of fish because it will cause physical damage to the fish.


The application of dry ice maker

We, Hangzhou Chuankong General Co., Ltd., specialize in the dry ice making machine. So, here we’d like to introduce another model for you, so you can choose it accordingly. It is CKDP-P70, our pellets dry ice maker.

  1. Output: pellet dry ice, 100kgs/hr
  2. Power: 3.7 KW
  3. Power supply: 380V, 50-60Hz, 3-phase
  4. The dimension of the whole machine (mm): 1190×600×1300
  5. Weight: 500 kgs

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