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Cryogenic Storage Tank

Cryogenic Storage Tank

We, Hangzhou Chuankong  General Equipment Co.,Ltd, a share holding company by SASPG. Our company is engaged as manufacturer and supplier of cryogenic air separation plant, PSA oxygen/nitrogen plant,high-vacuum cryogenic storage tank & tanker and other industrial gas equipment.

From 1991 till now, 26 years has witnessed our company’s great profession and innovation in manufacturing storage tanks.  Besides, we are the first one who applied vacuum powder to produce storage tanks.

Cryogenic Storage Tank

Cryogenic Storage Tank

Our ASME-coded and ISO-certified tankers has constantly gained customer’s satisfactory.

Our cryogenic storage tank has two types: one is vertical,and the other is horizontal. Clients use these tanks for storing liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen,or liquid argon and have the advantages of below:

  1. long lifespan;
  2. compact design;
  3. less occupied space;
  4. central control
  5.  easy operation and maintenance;

For our LCO2 tanks, it includes vacuum powder insulation storage tank and PU storage tank. The former one refers to the gap between two shells filled with perlite and then vacuumed. It features very low evaporation and high stability due to its good insulation effect. While, the later one is to use PU foaming workmanship. Between the out aluminum jacket and the inner shell is fomaed polyurethane which keeps the temperature inside stable and avoid liquid evaporation. It is much lighter than vacuum powder storage tank.

We use these tanks in various industries,such as machine-building, chemical engineering, medical,food-stuff,mining,electronic and military engineering etc.

For our tanks, we could make for liquid oxygen,liquid nitrogen,liquid carbon dioxide,LNG,LPG etc. What’s more, the capacities are different from 1m3 to 3000m3 or more. Our engineers will make proposals  based on different client’s requirements. Kindly find more by visiting our website: or click here.

If you have any inquiries for cryogenic storage tanks, you could tell us capacity(m3),working pressure(bar), medium liquids, we will check price accordingly for you.atarax without prescription