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How I judge the quality of air heated vaporizer?

How I judge the quality of air heated vaporizer?

The working principle of air-heated vaporizer is to heat liquid by air temperature, not use electricity. As we know, the normal air temperature is much higher than the temperature of liquid oxygen. Once the heat exchange area reaches a certain level, the liquid oxygen will change into gaseous oxygen. The air heated vaporizer can be also used for liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, LCO2, and LNG.

We export a large quantity air-heated vaporizers every year. Because it is no need for energy, but environmental protection and energy saving. For new customers, they often ask why our price is a bit higher than others? What advantages we have for our vaporizers?

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In the market, the price of air heated vaporizer differs from one another. Do you know how to choose ? How to judge the quality of air heated vaporizer?


Some low quality air heated vaporizers have many disadvantages:

1. The aluminum is low quality with low intensity.
2.Less fins than good one. And the fin is very thin, so that will decrease the heat exchange effect. When it is freezing, the fin will be bended by the ice.
3. Welding gap is not sealed well, which cause gas leakage.
4. The thickness is not even, causing working intensity and heat exchange.
5. The stainless steel pipe is not thick enough and welding craft is not so good.
6.Non- destructive test isn’t done or not enough, which will make gas leakage problem.
7.After producing, we use Nitrogen gas to test leakage, and use water pressure to test intensity. Some factories cancel this process in order to decrease the cost. Therefore, their customer is the victim.

Since vaporizer is a very small and cheap item, there is no need to take risk and save small amount of money. This is our suggestion. We are selling air separation plants, cryogenic tanks, etc. Compared to those equipments, vaporizer is a small item, it’s not necessary for us to make big profit from such small things. We just want to give clients reliable products to maintain our reputation. We hope that in the future, you can buy cryogenic tanks and air separation plants from us.

Cryogenic Filling Pump

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Regarding cryogenic filling pump, we need to know flow rate, inlet pressure, outlet pressure and medium before quotation.
If you don’t know how to answer, you can also give us the below information, so we can suggest:
1.- the capacity of each cylinder (kg or m3);
2.- the working pressure of each cylinder (bar); 3.- the quantity of cylinders to be filled per day (how many cylinders);
4.- the continuous working hour of the filling station per day (how many hours)

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