Dry ice making machine

Some interesting facts

Dry ice: the first person to observe the presence of solid CO2 was a French chemist, Charles Thilorier. In 1835, when he opened a pressurized liquid carbon dioxide container, it has a shape like ice or snow.

Dry ice

Using gloves to protect yourself

People widely use dry ice because its use is quite simple and easy to handle using insulated gloves. Direct contact with it can cause cold burns. Therefore, avoid direct contact with limbs. This can be done by using gloves. The mass of its molecules is 44.01 g / mol. Although dry ice and carbon dioxide are non-toxic, the use of it may cause respiratory hazards by replacing the air near the soil or when mixed with air, resulting in excess carbon dioxide and less oxygen at the time of breathing. Therefore please use it in the area well ventilated.
Do not seal it in the glass or other sealed containers, as pressure buildup can result in damage or explosion.

dry ice

Dry ice making machine from us

We do not sell it, but we sell dry ice making machines. Having exported to The Phillippines, Ukraine, Russia and the Middle East, we also sold it to some big names such as Siemens, Samsung and Toyota, etc.  The shapes can be pellets and blocks. The pellets diameter is either 3mm or 16mm, but we cannot produce these two sizes at the same time. Some customers asked for 1.5mm, but we regretfully told them that the smallest diameter we have is 3mm.

Here is the parameter of 50kgs per hour model for your kind reference.

  1. Output: pellet dry ice, 50kgs/hr
  2. Power: 3 KW
  3. Power supply: 380V, 50-60Hz, 3-phase
  4. Dimension of the whole machine (mm): 1100×600×1200
  5. Weight: 400 kgs
  6. Size of produced dry ice: Φ3mm, Φ16mm

dry ice

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