Pre-sales Service
Our expert team will support you with professional feasibility analysis and solutions. We believe that our rich knowledge and positive attitude will help you to realize an optimal return on investment. We offer the following pre-sales services:

a. communicate with customers, analyze their needs
b. provide professional technical solutions, recommend the right models
c. estimate the ROI cycle based on the customer’s local conditions
d. for different products, we can quote the EXW, FOB, CFR or CIF price accordingly

For large devices that cannot be put into a container, we prefer the CFR price, because our partner forwarders can provide their professional services at best rates.

Sales Service

1. Delivery time:
Item Delivery time
Tank 3-4 months
Trailer 4 months
Cryogenic liquid pump 10 days to 1 month
Vaporizers 15 days
Complete set of equipment 3-10 months
Dry ice machine 25 days

2. Spare parts:
We will send some free spare parts together with the equipment. Usually, the quantity is enough for 1-2 years’ use, so you do not need to find any extra. If you still need more spare parts, we can provide a list of spare parts and you can choose to purchase them as needed. Most parts come from our own production line, so you do not have to worry about spare parts supply problems.

3. Follow-up:
We will follow up the progress since the date of signing the purchasing contract until the completion of installation and commissioning. We will enforce strict process management and provide you with thoughtful services:
a. provide different drawings at different stages
b. inform the customer about the progress
c. offer guidance on necessary preparations

After-sales Service
All of our products enjoy a one-year warranty. Some spare parts will be provided together with the equipment. Within the warranty, for non-operational errors, we have free technical support and spare parts for you. You can send fault descriptions and photos or videos to us, and our engineers will offer their professional advices. If necessary, we will send free accessories to you. After the warranty, asking for charges, we offer lifetime maintenance, consulting services and accessories.

Actually, all the parts of our equipment are quite sound and durable. Rarely may our equipment run into failure. Only a few customers have ever purchased extra spare parts during the decades. You may totally feel at ease with our equipment.

Installation and Training
a. for large whole set of equipment, such as the air separation plant, PSA oxygen or nitrogen plant, and the CO2 recovery plant, we cover the full range of design, customization, installation instruction, commissioning and training services. We can also send engineers to offer on-site support. But the customer has to cover the round-trip air tickets, accommodation, food, transportation, medicine, insurance and other expenses for our engineers. In addition, a supervision fee of USD200 should be paid to our engineers per person per day. If we have to overstay for the customer’s reason, we will charge an extra compensation.
b. for small equipment, such as the storage tank, semi-trailer, pump, and the vaporizer, we do not offer on-site supervision service. The installation of small equipment is quite simple, and the customer can easily finish the installation with the drawings provided by us. The package of drawings mainly includes vendor drawing, equipment flowchart, pipeline and instrument flowchart, equipment layout drawing, and base condition drawing. We only provide these drawings upon order placement. But before the order placement, we can send drafts or other documents for reference.

OEM Service
We can paint customers' logos on air separation plants, PSA gas plants, CO2 recovery plants, storage tanks, and semi-trailers.

Payment Terms
a. FOB Shanghai, CFR or CIF
b. 30% advance deposit, 70% balance payment before shipment or L/C at sight

Special Import License
We are quite experienced in import and export procedures, particularly for Africa, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. We will help with any kind of certification you need. For example, PVOC for Kenya, VOC for Iran, CIQ for Egypt, CO, Form A, Form E, etc. But the charges for special certifications like SGS, PVOC, VOC and CIQ shall be paid by the customer.

English Files
We have been focused on developing overseas markets, after the formal order confirmation and receipt of deposit, we can offer a whole package of English-language files including scenarios, drawings, etc.

The transportation of large equipment, such as the air separation unit, PSA gas plant, and the CO2 recovery plant, has always been a concern of overseas customers. The unloading and lifting must be careful. How to reduce extra handling fees is also one of the issues to be taken into consideration.

We can provide you with a worry free delivery:

1. We maintain long-term cooperation with some partner forwarders. So we can:

a. tell the accurate shipping date and quote the best shipping rates

b. book appropriate cargo space and choose the best shipping method: container, roll-on-roll-off ship, open top container or bulk carrier

c. make appointment for commodity inspection, arrange shipment, and prepare necessary documents for customs clearance

2. We have our own private wharf. Even 300m3 pressure vessels can be loaded within the factory and sent to Shanghai port.

3. We are quite experienced in loading and fixing containers, protecting the cargo from any possible damage on the way. The cargos will be in perfect condition upon the arrival at the destination.

4. The bulk ship and roll-on-roll-off ship are for the delivery of large and bulky cargos. The destination port may not be equipped with large cranes, and at somewhere the lifting charges are quite expensive. Taking these factors into consideration, we will choose ships equipped with cranes to reduce costs for customers. Our forwarder will arrange appropriate crane lifting and attach the cargo to the deck or cabin.

5. We will track the delivery until you receive the cargo.

6. The vast majority of customers receive cargos intact, but there is still likeliness of slight painting scratches. In this occasion, we suggest customers to fix the paint on their own if necessary. In addition, customers may purchase transport insurance to further reduce the risk of cargo damage.

1. Q: What products can I order from you?
A: The following is a list of our main products. Please browse our website for more products and feel free to contact us for details. Thanks!

  1. 1.Cryogenic Air Separation Unit
  2. 2.PSA Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant
  3. 3.CO2 Recovery Plant
  4. 4.LNG Plant
  5. 5.Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank& Cryogenic Transport Trailer
  6. 6.Gas Compressor
  7. 7.Cryogenic Pump
  8. 8.Vaporizer
  9. 9.Gas Cylinder & Dewar Flask
  10. 10.Dry Ice Machine
  11. 11.Calcium Carbide
  12. 12.Calibration Gas/Specialty Gases
  13. 13.Industrial Gases

2. Q: What is your quality standard? Can you offer ASME standard products?
A: If no special requirement is specified, the design, manufacture and test will be conducted as per standards of GB150. But as an ASME qualified manufacture, of course we can offer ASME approved products.

3. Q: What's the difference between Chinese GB standard and ASME standard?
A: Our GB standard on PV is equivalent to ASME VIII and GB electrical standard is equivalent to IEC standard, for electrical products.

4. Q: Have you ever supplied tanks to renowned companies?
A: Our company is a strategic partner of some big gas companies, such as Messer, Boc, Air Product and Air Liquide, etc in China. Meanwhile, we are one of the long-term storage tank suppliers for Pepsi and Coca-Cola in China.

5. Q: Can you provide the drawings of your gas plant/tanks?
A: Normally, our drawings will be provided to our customer only after the order is confirmed. However, we can provide you some drawings of previous projects for reference. We only provide engineering design drawings. Civil design drawings will be out of our range.

6. Q: How about the producing time and delivery time?
A: Usually, our production time is 6 months for air separation plants, CO2 recovery plants and DME plant. but it also depends on the capacity you require. The bigger the plant is, the longer the production time will be. Please also note that when the plant is finished, we need to wait for about one or two months to find the right vessel. The delivery time for tanks is 3-5 months.

7. Q: What about your warranty?
A: Equipment warranty is 12 months from the date on which the equipment is successfully put into operation, or 14 months from the date on which the equipment has been delivered, whichever comes first. Generally speaking, our air separation unit can work normally for 15-20 years if it is maintained properly.

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