Large/Middle Size Air Separation Plant

Large/Middle Size Air Separation Plant

First of all, the large and middle size air separation plant is fit for the medium gas company, steel plant, and non-ferrous metal smelting plant, the petrochemical company, glass factory and paper mill, coal power plant, shipbuilding factory and heavy machinery factory. Furthermore, it may serve as professional industrial oxygen and nitrogen generator, chemical oxygen generator and medical oxygen generator, etc.

Therefore, if you are running any of the above facilities, maybe you can invest in our cost-effective, stable and durable plants, because it is no doubt a wise choice. Since you can significantly lower the production cost and accelerate the return on investment consequently.



Most noteworthy, liquid air separation plant pioneers the trend of future development. Because liquid products are easy for quality control, storage and delivery. In addition, they also work with higher efficiency. Therefore, the liquid air separation unit will probably be favoured by more and more users.

Moreover, our experienced technical team will propose the most economical solutions that best meet your requirements. Furthermore, the O2 and N2 yield can either be gas or liquor. most of all, when the output is large enough, you will consequently get the highly profitable by-product-argon gas or liquid argon.

Since establishment, we designed and produced more than almost 2000 different sets of air separation plants. Especially relevant, they all feature reasonable workmanship and small power consumption, high efficiency and stable performance.

As a result, even the most demanding customers are satisfied with our equipment, also including China National Space Administration, and subsidiary companies of Linde Group, large state-owned enterprises in China, and Egyptian Iron & Steel Company.

Main Parameters
O2 output: 350Nm3/h-60000Nm3/h
O2 purity: 99.6%
N2 output: 10L-60000Nm3/h
N2 purity: 99.999%
In addition, pressure is customized upon need.

Purchasing Guide
Therefore, if you need a set of air separation plant, maybe you can probably tell us your specific requirements and environmental parameters so that we can make professional quotations accordingly.

Please advise:
1. First of all, altitude, temperatures (highest temperature in summer and lowest temperature in winter) and humidity, earthquake intensity and wind speed;

2. Moreover,  voltage including high voltage and low voltage;

3. In addition, your requirements on the output and purity of liquid oxygen or oxygen gas that are as indicated below:

Description Output (TPD) Purity Ex-Cold Box Pressure (Barg)
Gaseous Oxygen %
Liquid Oxygen %
Gaseous Nitrogen ≤ ppm O2
Liquid Nitrogen ≤ ppm O2
Liquid Argon ≤ ppm O2
≤ ppm N2

4. Finally, other information

Sample Models

Model O2 Output (Nm3/h) O2 Purity (%) Ex-cold box pre (MPa.A) LO2 Output (Nm3/h) LO2 Purity (%) N2 Output (Nm3/h) N2 Purity (ppmO2) Ex-cold box pre (MPa.A) LN2 Output (Nm3/h) LN2 Purity (ppmO2) LAr Output (Nm3/h) LAr Purity (%Ar)
KDONAr-1000 (35Y)
1000 99.6 0.115 35 99.6 1100 5 0.11 30 99.999
/ 4500/150Y
4500 99.6 0.115 99.6 4500 5 0.11 150 99.999
/ 5000(50Y)/240Y
8500 99.6 0.115 100 99.6 5000 5 0.11 50 5 240 99.999
KDONAr-20000 (300Y)/ 20000(100Y)/700Y 20000 99.6 0.115 300 99.6 20000 5 0.11 100 5 700 99.999
KZON-1000Y/(1000Y) 1000 99.6 (1000Y) 5
KZONAr-3000Y/ 3000Y/100Y 3000 99.6 3000 5 100 99.999
KZONAr-10000Y/ 10000Y/320Y 10000 99.6 10000 5 320 99.999
KDON-1000(50Y) 99.6 1000 3 50 3
KDN-5000/150Y 99.6 5000 1 150 1
KDN-3900(300Y) 99.6 3900 10 300 10

Shipping & Delivery

The transportation of large equipment, such as the air separation unit, PSA gas plant, and the CO2 recovery plant, has always been a concern of overseas customers. The unloading and lifting must be careful. How to reduce extra handling fees is also one of the issues to be taken into consideration.

We can provide you with a worry free delivery:
1. We maintain long-term cooperation with some partner forwarders. So we can:
a. tell the accurate shipping date and quote the best shipping rates
b. book appropriate cargo space and choose the best shipping method: container, roll-on-roll-off ship, open top container or bulk carrier
c. make appointment for commodity inspection, arrange shipment, and prepare necessary documents for customs clearance

2. We have our own private wharf. Even 300m3 pressure vessels can be loaded within the factory and sent to Shanghai port.

3. We are quite experienced in loading and fixing containers, protecting the cargo from any possible damage on the way. The cargos will be in perfect condition upon the arrival at the destination.

4. The bulk ship and roll-on-roll-off ship are for the delivery of large and bulky cargos. The destination port may not be equipped with large cranes, and at somewhere the lifting charges are quite expensive. Taking these factors into consideration, we will choose ships equipped with cranes to reduce costs for customers. Our forwarder will arrange appropriate crane lifting and attach the cargo to the deck or cabin.

5. We will track the delivery until you receive the cargo.

6. The vast majority of customers receive cargos intact, but there is still likeliness of slight painting scratches. In this occasion, we suggest customers to fix the paint on their own if necessary. In addition, customers may purchase transport insurance to further reduce the risk of cargo damage.