Air Separation Unit for Pakistan Customer

In 2007, GHANI GAS, the largest gas company in Pakistan took a tour in China and visited several ASU factories. They were especially satisfied with our process facilities, advanced technology and professional attitude. After extensive communication, they decided to purchase the KZONAr-2000Y/1000Y/65Y air separation plant.

The KZONAr-2000Y/1000Y/65Y has 2000NM3/H liquid oxygen output, 1000NM3/H liquid nitrogen output, and 65NM3/H liquid argon output. Now it has passed its third year of operation in Lahore. The second same unit is being installed in Karachi.

Electric control cabinet
Console of instrument control station
Low voltage part of electric control station 2
High voltage part of electric control station
Spare part processing
Entire plant