Three ways of Air Separation

Three Ways of Air Separation

1.How many ways are there for Air Separation?

RE: There are three ways for air separation in the modern industrial production, they are: cryogenic way, PSA/VPSA way and membrane way.

A. Cryogenic way: liquefy the air first and then take advantage of different boiling point of oxygen and nitrogen; Afterwards, go through rectification process in a certain equipment like rectification tower to separate oxygen and nitrogen. It is the most economic way to take it for large-sized air separation plant; besides, clients will get very high purity oxygen & nitrogen product with this way.

B. PSA/VPSA: This is done under normal temperature. There are two theories: one is to make use of zeolite molecular sieve’s absorption to oxygen or nitrogen and then separate nitrogen and oxygen; the other is to utilize the different diffusion effect of oxygen & nitrogen. So far, in this way, the product’s purity & capacity are limited. For example, the capacity normally will not exceed 4000Nm3/hr, purity not over 95% for oxygen generator. And for nitrogen, the capacity is usually lower than 2000Nm3/hr, and purity lower than 99.5%.

C. Membrane way: Take advantage of selective permeation of polymeric thin film to separate oxygen and nitrogen in air. People will try to choose this way if the plant’s output is lower than 800Nm3/hr, and purity lower than 99.5%.

Air Separation

Application of oxygen?

RE: Oxygen is the living substance of all living organisms on earth. Its chemical properties are very lively. So, it is very easy to combine with other substances to produce oxides. With this property, oxygen is widely used in metallurgy,chemical industry and defense industry. In the production of methanol synthesis, oxygen and coal slurry are partially oxidized to produce effective raw material gases: hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

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