Dry ice blast cleaning brings good news

Principle of dry ice blast cleaning

Dry ice blast cleaning uses compressed air as driving force and carrier, dry ice pellet as accelerated particles, and sprays onto the surface of the object through a special jet cleaning machine. Using the change of momentum, sublimation, melting and other energy conversion of solid dry ice pellet moving at high speed, to make the dirt, oil, and residual impurities on the surface of the object freeze rapidly. It will condense, embrittle, be peeled off and be removed simultaneously with air flow, but not cause any damage to the surface of the object (especially the metal surface), or affect the finish of the metal surface.

Dry ice blast cleaning has six advantages over other cleaning methods:

1) Cost-saving: the power-consumption equipment is only air compressor. And dry ice directly volatiles during the cleaning process. There is no cost to clean up the cleaning medium.

2) Dry cleaning process: different from that of steam and high pressure water, dry ice cleaning has no damage to electric wire, control element and switch. After cleaning, it greatly reduces the possibility of equipment rusting. Moreover, in the application of food industry, dry ice cleaning greatly reduces the possibility of bacteria breeding.

3) Environmental safety: CO2 is a non-toxic substance that meets the safety requirements of USDA, FDA and EPA. Using dry ice cleaning to replace toxic chemical substance cleaning, employees can fundamentally avoid the abuse of chemical substances. Because CO2 is heavier than air, ensure ventilation when operating dry ice cleaning in closed space or sinking area. Pay attention to safety.

4) Prolonging the service life of the equipment: different from sand, walnut shell, plastic particle and other abrasive medium, dry ice pellet is not abrasive. Dry ice cleaning does not damage mold, not undermine the tolerance, no damage to bearings and machinery. In addition, online cleaning avoids accidental damage during mold disassembly.

5) High-efficiency: carry out dry ice cleaning online, which greatly reduces the stopping time. It avoids the need of the traditional methods such as shielding, cooling, disassembling and treatment of sewage and dirty sand, and saves the drying time, which has high efficiency and low time consumption.

6) Wide range of use: for different cleaning conditions, as long as replacing different dry ice cleaning nozzles, it could improve the cleaning working distance to meet different needs. It is easy to operate, safe, low cost and with considerable comprehensive benefit.


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