Ambient Air Vaporizer

Ambient Air Vaporizer

When falling from 3-meter-high spot, hot water will be cooled down. This is because heat exchange occurs between the water and the air. Similarly, ambient air vaporizer makes use of the large temperature differences between the cryogenic liquid and the ambient air. The transfer efficiency is improved by increased fin numbers and expanded contact area with the air. So this cryogenic vaporizer achieves a rapid and complete vaporization.


Because there is no need of assistance from other electric heating equipment for the ambient air vaporizer. Thus, the air heated vaporizer is highly efficient, eco-friendly and energy saving. It enjoys wide applicability and high vaporization rate.

The fin is made of high quality aluminum materials, so there will be no ice bending problem. Moreover, it has large heat transfer area and high efficiency.

The stainless steel pipe is thick and solid. The welding workmanship goes through nondestructive testing. Besides, all the finished evaporators pass nitrogen leakage test and their strength is proved by water pressure test.

The ambient air vaporizer is suitable for cryogenic gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, and liquefied natural gas.

Purchasing Guide
We can offer vaporizers in customized sizes. Please advise the following when sending an enquiry:
1. flow rate
2. medium gas
3. inlet pressure
4. outlet pressure

Model List and Technical Parameters

Model Maximum evaporation(Nm3/h) Maximum working pressure (Mpa) Body material Design pressure(Mpa) Empty weight(kg)
QQ-50/25 50 2.45 5A 02 2.5 100
QQ-100/25 100 2.45 5A 02 2.5 185
QQ-100025 150 2.45 5A 02 2.5 245
QQ-180/25 180 2.45 5A 02 2.5 330
QQ-200/25 200 2.45 5A 02 2.5 350
QQ-250/25 250 2.45 5A 02 2.5 405
QQ-350/25 350 2.45 5A 02 2.5 560
QQ-500/25 500 2.45 5A 02 2.5 610
QQ-800/25 800 2.45 5A 02 2.5 1280
QQ-1200/25 1200 2.45 5A 02 2.5 2100
QQ-1400/25 1400 2.45 5A 02 2.5 2250
QQ-1500/25 1500 2.45 5A 02 2.5 2400
QQ-1600/25 1600 2.45 5A 02 2.5 2570
QQ-1800/25 1800 2.45 5A 02 2.5 2895
QQ-2000/25 2000 2.45 5A 02 2.5 3220
QQ-2500/25 2500 2.45 5A 02 2.5 3500
QQ-3000/25 3000 2.45 5A 02 2.5 4150
QQ-4000/25 4000 2.45 5A 02 2.5 5500

Shipping & Delivery

The transportation of large equipment, such as the air separation unit, PSA gas plant, and the CO2 recovery plant, has always been a concern of overseas customers. The unloading and lifting must be careful. How to reduce extra handling fees is also one of the issues to be taken into consideration.

We can provide you with a worry free delivery:
1. We maintain long-term cooperation with some partner forwarders. So we can:
a. tell the accurate shipping date and quote the best shipping rates
b. book appropriate cargo space and choose the best shipping method: container, roll-on-roll-off ship, open top container or bulk carrier
c. make appointment for commodity inspection, arrange shipment, and prepare necessary documents for customs clearance

2. We have our own private wharf. Even 300m3 pressure vessels can be loaded within the factory and sent to Shanghai port.

3. We are quite experienced in loading and fixing containers, protecting the cargo from any possible damage on the way. The cargos will be in perfect condition upon the arrival at the destination.

4. The bulk ship and roll-on-roll-off ship are for the delivery of large and bulky cargos. The destination port may not be equipped with large cranes, and at somewhere the lifting charges are quite expensive. Taking these factors into consideration, we will choose ships equipped with cranes to reduce costs for customers. Our forwarder will arrange appropriate crane lifting and attach the cargo to the deck or cabin.

5. We will track the delivery until you receive the cargo.

6. The vast majority of customers receive cargos intact, but there is still likeliness of slight painting scratches. In this occasion, we suggest customers to fix the paint on their own if necessary. In addition, customers may purchase transport insurance to further reduce the risk of cargo damage.